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Thanks for stopping by Tex's Surplus Sales. We specialize in used parts and accessories for photographic and office equipment, speciality bulbs and hard to find owners, service and parts manuals. You can find more information about our products and policies on our about us page.

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James 'Tex' Smock

Recommended Products

Product ID SM2640
Bell & Howell / Eiki 3580, 3575 Service and Parts Manual
In Stock 22

Price: $39.00
Product ID OM3040
Beseler 23CIII-XL Photo Enlarger Owners Manual
In Stock 22

Price: $9.50
Product ID OM1240
Eiki SSL, ESL 16mm Projector Owners Manual
In Stock 23

Price: $12.50

Product ID SM2660
Kodak AV-255-S Pageant Sound 16mm Movie Projector Service Manual
In Stock 16

Price: $17.50
Product ID SM6970
Kodak Pageant Sound Model MK5 16mm Movie Projector Parts Manual
1 of 2
In Stock 24

Price: $25.00
Product ID SM6030
Moviola Six-Plate 35mm Flatbed Console Editor M-35AH Technical Manual
1 of 2
In Stock 24

Price: $55.00


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