Note from Tex (James Smock)

In addition to being a photographer, I've sold used photographic, projector and other Audio Visual equipment parts and manual reprints for almost 50 years now and it's time to retire. I am liquidating all of my hard to find original owner, service and parts manuals.

I started selling on eBay under the user name tex in 1997 and on this internet website in 2001 under the name texsales.com.

In July of 2014, my hard working business partner and life partner had a massive stroke and I became a caretaker for my wife of over 40 years. Without the help of my partner Cherry and with the added duties of taking care of her, I decided it was time to liquidate my large inventory of vintage parts and continue selling manual reprints only.

Fast forward to January 5, 2023, after 8-1/2 years at her side every day in a skilled nursing home, my beautiful, sweet wife drew her last breath a few minutes after 10 am in the morning. These last years were hard on both of us and I'm just about worn out. Time to retire for good.

I would like to thank all of my customers from the last 50 years. I do appreciate all of you.


All of my hundreds of hard to find, original vintage owner, operator, service and parts manuals are now listed in large, heavily discounted lots on eBay.