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Most of our products are high quality black and white reprints or photocopies of vintage, out of print manuals as listed in the description. We do have some original factory manuals in the Original Factory Manuals category.
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Some Of Our Bestselling Products

Bell & Howell Slotload Filmosound 16mm - 2580 & 2582 Owners Manual

Photocopy of the original 1982 owner's manual for the 16mm B&H 2580 and 2582 Slotload Filmosound movie projectors.

Price: $12.50
Kodak Carousel 600H Slide Projector Owners Manual

Photocopy of the original 1977 owners manual titled How to Use Kodak Carousel 600H Projector.

Price: $7.50
Keystone K-70 8mm Movie Projector Instruction Manual

Photocopy of the original Keystone K-70 8mm Movie Projector owner's manual.

Price: $7.50
Audiotronics Record Player 530, 530V Service Guide

Reprint of the original Audiotronics Model 530, 530V Record Player Service Guide.

Price: $7.50
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